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Military Gas Mask with Filter
Military Gas Mask with Filter
Military Gas Mask with Filter
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Military Gas Mask with Filter

  • Tested and Approved by the Israeli Military
  • Includes M-15 Gas Mask, Sealed NATO Standard 40mm Filter, and Hydration Accessories
  • 20-Year Shelf Life
  • Includes 2nd (side) voicemitter for telephone/radio communication
  • Wide Field Vision with Impact-Resistant Lenses

Tested & Approved by the Israeli Military

We live in a world where threats and emergencies happen every day. We never know which way to look to ensure our own personal safety, let alone safety on a much grander scale. Thankfully, we have the tools to help you prepare for any of these life-changing events. The Military Gas Mask with Filter kit comes equipped with a military-grade gas mask and a sealed 40mm standard NATO NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) filter. Additionally, all of these products were manufactured according to specifications from the Israeli military. Sadly, they deal with terrorism and chemical attacks frequently and know what is necessary for protection.

Military-grade Mask to Protect You!

This mask may be military-grade but it's also intended for civilian use. These masks are lightweight with a comfortable secure fit and low breathing resistance.

Comes with NATO Filter

The military-grade gas mask with NATO filter has a design that offers optimal comfort and security. This protective face-mask causes minimal interference with activities. 

Shelf Life of 20 Years

This gas mask has a shelf-life of 20 years. The 40mm sealed NATO standard filter directly purifies the air which allows the user to continue receiving clean oxygen. As a result, these filters supply clean air through the mask making it easier for the user to breathe and avoid airborne toxic pollutants. In other words, these filters help the airflow when breathing in any type of chemically exposed environment. It does this by circulating clean air through the filter.

Gas Mask Specifications and Features

  • 20-year shelf life
  • Filters are Activated Charcoal and HEPA, 36 hours of use
  • Formulated rubber material for high resistance to NBC agents, superior comfort and durability.
  • Three overlapping face-piece sizes assuring reliable fit for over 98% of mature users.
  • Uniquely designed peripheral sealing lip assuring excellent fit.
  • Impact resistant cylindrical plastic lenses with wide field of vision.
  • NATO standard 40 mm threaded filter canister housing.
  • Five-strap highly elastic head harness equipped with quick release adjusted buckles.
  • Compatible with military canteen threads.
  • Designed for extended use in hot and humid weather conditions.

Add-On: NBC Filters for 40mm Gas Masks

Your gas mask is only useful as long as it is filtering out the threat or contaminant. For example, in some cases your filter may only protect you for half an hour. However, in other cases your filter continues to work for a few hours. For some chemical threats your risk is great but the chemical dissipates quickly and your one filter is all that you need. What will you do when you need more filters? Purchase extra filters now and be prepared for any number of threats!

Add-On: Multi-functional Gas Mask Carry Case

The Carry Case features a roomy main drawstring-closed compartment which provides generous and secure storage space for your Gas Mask. Secondly, it includes a front pocket for quick access and an interior pocket for convenient storage. Lastly, there is a concealed back pocket with zipper closure, which helps protect your most essential small firearms or accessories. There's also a fully adjustable, padded and ergonomic shoulder strap for comfort while carrying.