Paracord Bracelet


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  • 15 assorted colors
  • 8.5" long including buckle
  • Made of paracord material
  • Perfect for camping
  • Provides you many feet of paracord in an emergency


Paracord Bracelets

An Emergency Essential

Quick! Name me another item that belongs in the same classification as Bailing Wire and Duct Tape? If you were thinking anything besides cordage then we are disappointed.  Now, let's put all of your massive know-how into using a bracelet that has one of these necessary items to save your life!

15 Colors Available!

Are you ready to make a proper Prepper fashion statement? Our Paracord Bracelets come in a variety of colors that ensures the proper Prepper look. You can even match whatever color you happen to be wearing that day.  Accessorize while maintaining your survival preparation! These bracelets are available in 15 different colors. Get different colors to match your different apparel everyday! If you happen to wear all black everyday, then we might suggest 2 of them to keep your look fresh.

8.5" in Length

These survival bracelets are only available in one 8.5 inch size. This size does include the buckle. It is suggested that your wrist should be 6.5" circumference or less in order to wear these bracelets comfortably. Nevertheless, with that much paracord, you definitely have enough cordage for your survival needs.

Perfect for many different uses

Not only are you getting a Prepper fashion accessory, but you are getting an item that has many uses from your next arts and crafts project to bundling up firewood in a pinch. Obviously, you aren't going to be taking apart your bracelet to use on your crafts. However, in a pinch and with a great enough need, it is there and ready for you. Again, these bracelets are available in 15 different colors. Get one for each of your kids. Next, get some for small gifts. Lastly, get one for yourself, because you never know when you will have an emergency and need to use the tools you have at hand. Get a Paracord Bracelet and have an important tool on your wrist! Get the Paracord Bracelet and be Well Prepared today!