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BaoFeng Tech USB Power Adapter

  • Authentic BaoFeng USB transformer cable
  • Transforms USB power into the necessary 10V DC for the charger base
  • Compatible with CH-5 and CH8 chargers newer than 2012
  • Perfect for charging in your car or with a USB solar panel charger
  • Compatible with 2.1A, 1A or .5A USB power supplies


BaoFeng Tech USB Smart Power Adapter

If you are prepared with a HAM radio as your communication device during an emergency, where are you going to get your power? Forget about an emergency, how will you charge your handheld amateur radio in your vehicle? Sadly, you are not going to be carrying your wall and its power source with you during this emergency. Although, this would look fairly humorous, there is no practicality to this. You are going to need a separate way to charge your device. The BaoFeng Tech USB Power Adapter is your alternative power solution for your BaoFeng radios.

Perfect for many situations

This adapter is perfect for charging your radio in many places. As long as you have your charging cradle you can charge your handheld radio. For instance, you'll be able to charger your radio at your computer desk by plugging the cable into one of your USB ports. In addition, you'll be able to charge your radio when you are in your car using an open USB charging port. Furthermore, you'll be able to charge your radio utilizing a backup battery power bank. Lastly, you'll even be able to charge your radio utilizing a USB solar panel. In other words, in whatever situation you can charge your HAM radio and be ready.

Works with all recent BaoFeng Tech charging cradles

One of the benefits of this specific charging cable is that it will work with all the CH-5 and CH-8 charging cradles for radios from BaoFeng. The differences of voltage prevent some USB power adapters working with all of the different chargers. You would have to ensure you have the correct power transformer for each of the different cradles. Because of this, you just have to look for this specific adapter and know you are safe.

Keeps your device safe

In addition to the multiple power cradles that this adapter works with, you'll also be able to work with different power amperage. The transformer ensures you will not over-amp or cause other issues to your radio. This specific USB adapter works with 0.5, 1.0, and 2.1 amp chargers. In other words, for most of your chargers you'll be able to utilize the USB port and get your radio working again. Get the BaoFeng Tech USB Power Adapter and be Well Prepared today!

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