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Jeebel Camp Gas Stove Adapter

Regular price $18.98

  • Small propane tank input
  • Lindal valve output
  • Valve is auto-closed when not connected to stove
  • Small size enables you to still carry this with your small gas stove!
  • Perfect for adapting your camping gas stove to a propane canister


Butane Gas Stove to Propane Adapter

You are in the woods and your camping stove runs out of its butane-what do you do? You grab your Gas Stove Adapter and connect your stove to your propane canister that you use for your lantern or your heater. Done! You are the hero and you can now eat! With the Jeebel Camp Gas Stove Adapter you can connect your Camping Gas Stove in a Box to a propane canister.

LPG Small Propane Cylinder Input

Jebel Camp Gas Stove Adapter on Propane Tank 01As with most adapters, you need to be aware of what you are connecting together. In this particular case, the adapter takes the standard Small Propane Cylinder LPG input. As an example, these are very typically found on your normal one pound propane canisters that you find in most camping sections. Propane is well liked because of its low vaporizing temperature. Because of this, many products utilize these propane canisters. As a result, these are readily found in stores. You can find these canisters being used in portable gas heaters, lanterns, and camping propane gas stoves. In light of this availability, you can easily attach your portable gas stove to one of these canisters in an emergency.

Lindal Valve Output

The connector that you are trying to adapt to ends up as a Lindal valve that you'll frequently find on smaller canister fuels. For example, these are typically found in devices looking for a butane or mixed gas fuel for backpacking gas stoves. In other words, in such a predicament as above, if you have propane but no butane, you can use this adapter and get cooking.

Auto Shut Off

One of the benefits of that specific Lindal Valve is that there is an automatic shut off. For instance, if you disconnect the stove from the adapter, the tank will automatically shut off. This keeps your propane from leaking. In addition, this will keep your family and yourself safe. Get your Camping Gas Stove Adapter and be Well Prepared today!