True Utility TU254 Microwhistle


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  • Made of stainless steel
  • Produces a very loud whistle
  • Key ring attached to whistle
  • Perfect for any survival gear bag
  • Included water-proof case can be used for storing your survival gear

Be heard. If you are lost, be heard. If you are stuck, be heard. Be heard with the True Utility TU254 Microwhistle. The Microwhistle from True Utility has a nice strong whistle that will make you be heard in those emergency situations that you need to be found. This whistle is made of stainless steel and so it can be abused and you can still be heard. With the included key ring you will be able have this whistle with you wherever you go. With the Microwhistle you will not only be getting a dependable whistle, but you'll also be getting the nifty water-proof container that can be used for storing your survival or emergency kits! Get the Microwhistle from True Utility and be heard today.