Herb Culinary/Medical 15 Variety Heirloom Seeds


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  • Non-GMO
  • Heirloom
  • Open pollinated
  • Can last in storage for 25 years
  • Moisture proof bag

Start your herb garden with these 15 heirloom seeds! Featuring a handful of seeds that have various culinary and medical uses, you can be prepared for taking care of your family by growing your own herbs and applying them appropriately. These seeds are locally harvested from Utah and Idaho and are Non-GMO (meaning that they are organic and free of those nasty pesticides that we should watch out for). These heirloom seeds have proven their lasting ability and can continue to produce for you over time. The moisture proof bag and adequate storage can allow for up to 25 years of shelf life! In other words, get some for now and get some for your future emergency. Get the Herb Culinary/Medical 15 Variety Heirloom Pack and be Well Prepared today!
The images included above may not be an actual representation of how your produce will appear as differing soil and skill levels can play a factor in how your garden will appear.