Armor Concepts Max Door Armor Kit Bronze
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Armor Concepts Max Combo Set Nickel

Armor Concepts Door Armor Max Combo Set

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  • Keep your door from being breached
  • Provides the Ultimate in Protection
  • Perfect for rentals and your own home!
  • 3-Point Protection System Reinforces Potential Weak Points on Doors
  • Easy to install

The Armor Concepts Door Armor MAX Combo Set is the perfect combination of tough security and easy installation and is the product we recommend for most security and repair applications. The total installation time takes about 30 minutes. That's 30 minutes for your to feel more secure about where you or your loved ones live. The Door Armor Max Combo Set provides the ultimate in protection. This kit comes complete with 1 Door Armor Jamb Shield, 2 Mini Door Shields and 2 Hinge Shields. The patented design and 3-point protection system reinforces all of the potential weak points on your door and is backed by the legendary Door Armor $500 Lifetime Warranty against kick-ins. Door Armor is barely visible once installed. Your daughter is all set to go off to college. She is moving in to an apartment in a questionable part of town near the campus. It's okay for her because the rent is cheap. Do you trust the other people around her? With the Armor Concepts Door Armor Max Combo Set you can ensure that her door will not be breached and that she will be safe from the ills of the neighborhood. Obviously you'll want to check with the landlord first, but who wouldn't want their security improved on their place of living? Would you want to leave your loved ones home without this protection that is easily installed? How about your wife, your mother, or your grandmother? Let's get them protected with Door Armor that is barely seen when installed correctly.

Check out our attempts at getting through a door with Door Armor!