160 Gallon Water Tank

160 Gallon High Capacity Water Storage Tank

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  • Stackable Water Tanks
  • Perfect for storing your water for emergencies
  • Made in the USA
  • BPA Free
  • 29" x 36" x 45"


High-Capacity Emergency Water Storage Tank

Storing water for emergencies is not easy. It can be difficult to stock hundreds of milk gallon jugs full of water like you see so many people doing. Your basement or food storage area quickly becomes overrun, and then you have the secondary problem of not having room for anything else. These problems are solved with the 160 Gallon Water Tanks from Well Prepared.

How Can High Capacity Emergency Water Storage Tanks Help?

  • Space Efficient! - Well Prepared's 160 gallon water tanks weigh only 45 pounds when empty. This is less than even your typical 55 gallon drum! This means about triple the storage at less weight. Secondly, these storage tanks are stackable. You can fit twice as much water in the same space as one of those other drums.
  • Easily Accessible - These water storage tanks also make gaining access to the spigots easily as there are 2 of them so you can attach a hose and empty them out when you are rotating through your water.
  • Sturdily Built and Resists Bacteria - The plastic used in the construction of these tanks is UV resistant and ruggedly build to withstand the pressure of all the water you put in it for the long time that you'll have them. The plastic is also built so that it will help fight against the build-up of bacteria in the water. Even better, if you combine the water in these tanks with a product such as Water Pure's H2O ResQ Treatment, you'll be able to have water for a long time and ready when you need it.

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Water Storage for When You Need It Most

We’d like to think the world is a safe place, but there are disasters both large and small happening each and every day. For larger disasters, as we’ve seen with the devastating hurricanes in the fall of 2017, FEMA disaster relief may not be readily available, and you and your family could be waiting for assistance for hours or even days. This is an unfortunate reality. During this time, you want to keep your family’s water supply available, clean, and healthy. Even in smaller emergency situations, water storage can make a world of difference, ensuring you and your family never have to go thirsty. Well Prepared’s water storage tank provides you and your family with 160-gallons of crystal clear water when you need it most.