Put your family’s safety first with a Military-grade Gas Mask

We all want to be safe in almost any situation, even those that don’t seem to be possible in the safety of the U.S. borders. As we’ve seen with the attacks in San Bernardino, California, as well as the continued “open door” policy of many U.S. politicians with regard to illegal immigrants and Syrian refugees, safety in the U.S. is now a relative term. Being prepared for any kind of eventuality is now more important than ever. Gas attacks may not seem plausible to some in this country, but more and more Americans are buying up gas masks left and right to make sure they’re well prepared if the worst should happen.

Using formulated rubber material for high resistance to NBC agents, superior comfort and durability, our military-grade family gas mask kit can protect you and your loved ones in any environment. The mask was deigned for extended use in hot and humid weather conditions and is designed to fit well; featuring three overlapping face-piece sizes as well as a uniquely designed peripheral sealing lip, the gas mask assures a reliable fit for over 98% of mature users

More features of the Military Gas Mask

  • Impact resistant cylindrical plastic lenses with wide field of vision.
  • NATO standard 40 mm threaded filter canister housing.
  • Five-strap highly elastic head harness equipped with quick release adjusted buckles.
  • Prescription lens frame mount assembly.
  • Compatible with military canteen threads.

Embrace a safer life for your whole family here!