One of the most common issues of being hooked up to the power grid is a power outage. According to the latest stats power outages have been on the rise. For instance, from 2000 to 2004, there were an average of 44 reported grid outages per year. Fast forward to 2013, and that number rose to an average of 200 reported outages per year. One reason for this increase is the increase in grid destabilization as the overall population has increased.

To cope, many people have gone off-grid and while that’s always an option for you, too, you might find yourself stuck in the dark before you’re able to get there.

Emergency Candles to light the way

Before the next outage strikes your home, a wise investment would be a 30-hour emergency candle, which could light your way for up to 30 hours. Emergency candles can provide not only light, but even a little bit of heat in an emergency.

For example, I used to live in Manhattan, Kansas. Back in the winter of 2007, we had a storm that knocked out the power to the area for about a week. During this time, the only source of light and heat we had were some candles we picked up at a local shop. These weren’t emergency candles, so we had to use them sparingly. We ended up boarding ourselves into one room of the house, and utilized about 20 of the candles out of the 60 we had in order to have light and stay warm. We even ended up using a few to cook with, though they didn’t work very well since they were just normal house candles. Emergency candles would have been a very wonderful thing to have in our situation (and yes, luckily we had enough food storage and clean water to last us awhile).

If you’re like me, I never expect the power to go out. Even despite that situation in Kansas, I still don’t. However, nowadays, I do prepare for it,and as the old Boy Scout slogan says, it’s important to “be prepared.”

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