Fire is an important tool for the prepper and outdoors enthusiast. We use it for heat, light and even to ward off a wide assortment of wild creatures. Waterproof fuel cells can certainly assist with keeping a fire burning, even in times of rain, but what if you’re caught in the rain while in the wilderness with only matches in your gear for starting fires?

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Waterproofing your Matches

Naturally, we always want to make prepping as easy as possible, so here’s a few quick ways you can waterproof your matches so that you can have a fire burning without much trouble in any eventuality:

  • Put matches in a waterproof container – Simple. Easy. Effective. If you’re not sure about the “waterproofness” of the container, you can wrap some plastic wrap or a waterproof tape on the container before sealing it.
  • Dip the head in hot wax – Wax isn’t just for burning! It can also be used to waterproof your match heads. Just heat the wax, dip the match in and let it harden. And if you use beeswax to do this, you will get a bonus of an additional fuel source while the match is burning.
  • Nail polish – Yup, similar to wax, nail polish will also give you a nice waterproof match head.
  • Buy waterproof matches – Hey, just because you’re a prepper doesn’t mean you have to do everything the hard way, right? We sell waterproof matches in our emergency kits, so you won’t have to be left trying to waterproof them yourself.