Knives are a vital part of the prepper lifestyle and an important part of any prepper emergency kit, and it’s very important to stay safe while you’re using this tool. Below, we’ve outlined a few ways to use knives safely.

Knife Usage Safety Tips

  1. Never point a knife or its edge toward yourself or anyone you do not want to harm. It may seem cliche but accidents occur as a result of improperly pointed knives all too often. Also don’t move your knife erratically, especially if it’s a large sword or machete.
  2. Make sure that every knife you use is sharp.  A dull knife is dangerous and nearly forces the one holding it to improperly use it.
  3. Always keep the material you are working on directly in front of you and know who may walk from behind you and next to you.
  4. Don’t try to catch a knife when dropped. Make sure your hands are dry to avoid slips when utilizing the knife.
  5. Sheath or put your knife away when not in use, particularly if there are small children around. It goes without saying that children and sharp objects are not a good combination.
  6. Use the proper knife for the job. You’re not going to need a machete to cut your food, and by the same token you wouldn’t use a tiny knife to cut your way through vines or weeds.
  7. Keep your knife properly cleaned. In the event you do accidentally cut yourself, the last thing you want is an infection resulting from a dirty knife.

These are a few ways to keep yourself and others safe while utilizing knives. If you have other ways you can share, please do so in the comments or on social networks!