For most preppers, when it comes to survival, it’s all about utilizing tools in order to build or maintain food, water, shelter, and security for themselves and their families or groups. Unfortunately, this is only part of the prepping process. It goes without saying that without a sharp mind at the helm, anyone can become chaotic or go insane, particularly in stressful survival situations. Being able to bounce back from these situations is idea for any prepper, which is why we at Well Prepared have decided to tackle this subject in today’s blog post.

It’s true that there are many factors that come into play when you’re looking at versatility in certain situations such as your environment, who is with you, and even the situation itself. If you feel that you’re not quite versatile enough, or you’re looking to boost your adaptability, there are certain things you can try that will make you among the “toughest” of preppers.

Take a Breather, or Meditate

One of the most important steps to alleviating stress is to meditate. It’s a fact that meditation can not only serve as a way to calm your nerves, but it can also help you come to terms with the struggle you’re facing and put everything in a perspective that you can more easily deal with. Take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour each day and meditate with steady breathing, or just relax and take some deep breaths.

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Play Games

We know the thought of playing Apocalypse Monopoly doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but playing a game not only helps you to relax, it also can help you use your brain and keep it active and busy. This in turn will allow you to remain sharp when needed. This is why games might be a great item to add to your prepping kits.

A good game to play when you’re not in a disaster situation involves utilizing Survival Scenarios like these, forcing you to think about what you would do in a sticky situation. If you’re already in one, you can still play, but instead think about how you’re going to solve any problems you’re facing using the limited resources at your disposal. A good prepper should honestly be doing both of these anyway.

Finally, any mind-related games are best to play. Games like chess, checkers, or the aforementioned Monopoly. The greatest resource you have is your brain. Use it.

Tell Stories

As a writer, this one comes second nature to me, but anyone can tell a story. Telling a story not only helps you continue to utilize your most valuable resource as mentioned above, but also keeps those in your group distracted, with their attention directed at you. It doesn’t matter what kind of story you tell in most cases, just make sure it’s appropriate in your current situation. Funny stories are great to tell in very stressful situations (they say laughter is the best medicine).

Target Practice, Paintball, or Other Preparedness Activities

This might sound like busy work if you’re a prepper and you’d be right. It’s important to hone your skills that you’ve amassed, especially in situations that may call for it. By practicing your skills, you’ll not only keep your skills honed, but it will serve as a distraction that will keep you sane.

What other ways can you think of to keep your stress levels low and keep yourself sane in an emergency?