Prepping Is Good For Everyone

Natural disasters happen everyday. Even though we do recommend preparing for any man-made disasters here at Well Prepared, we also think it’s important that everyone prepares for any eventuality, particularly the more-often-occurring natural disasters that can affect anyone at any time. There are a number of ways you can do this with various specialty Emergency Kits that are available.

Emergency Kits for Any Type of Disaster

Survival Kits are among the most important. Survival Kits include everything from emergency rations to water purification tables, ensuring that you have the basic necessities needed for survival if no other source is going to be readily available, which it often is not.

First Aid Kits are another important thing to keep on hand. They’re self-explanatory — if you get a cut, scrape, or another minor injury, you’ll be able to make sure that minor injury doesn’t turn into a major one. Of course, first aid kits also include filtration masks and other important items in case you might need them.

Particularly if you’re living in the midwestern United States, commonly known as Tornado Alley, Tornado Kits can be very important to have around. Tornado Kits include everything from fresh water pouches and water purification tables as well as emergency candles, flashlights, and glow sticks for both heat and light. Tornado Kits are very similar to Hurricane Kits, which include emergency hooded ponchos, sleeping bags, and other items the Tornado Kit does not. It’s a good idea to look into both of these in order to be well prepared should any wind-based disaster strike.

Wildfire Kits are important if you live in an area that’s known to get dry, particularly around the spring to fall timeframe. Wildfire kits provide you with basic essentials such as a fire extinguisher, multi-function shovel, respirator dust mask, and other items you might find useful in staving off a fire-based disaster. Even if you don’t live in a dry area, having one of these around in case of a fire in your home is also a great idea.

Finally, Earthquake Kits provide you with all the survival gear and protection you’ll need when the tectonic plates of the planet decide to collide. Each kit provides you with adequate nutrition for one day without access to additional food and water.

In all of these cases, we still recommend stocking up on additional food as well as ways to keep water clean so that you’re not caught in a disaster without the necessities for survival. Find out more about our recommendations for food and water via the links below.