If you’re like most preppers — most people, for that matter — you probably live in urban or suburban environments, which means you probably don’t have a shortage of neighbors. While most people think of preppers as loners who “look out for number one,” the old bromide of “strength in numbers” holds arguably truer for preppers and similar lifestyles than most others. In fact, you might find that involving your neighbors in your prepping activities does not only make things easier by lifting some of the proverbial weight off of your shoulders, it’s also more fun.

Whether you live in an apartment building/condo or in a single family house you will run into your neighbors. Because of the mobility of modern society, most of these interactions will be brief. Each neighborhood’s overall mood will be different as well. For example, some neighborhoods are very friendly (or at least superficially friendly) and in some neighborhoods, they’re equally not as friendly or at the very least people don’t want to know anything about who lives nearby.

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Prepping can mean “loving thy neighbor” to a certain extent. You’ll want to fit into the overall “vibe” of your neighborhood, and make some effort as a neighbor to be friendly, inviting, and outgoing. Before long, you might have friends in your neighbors, after which you can open up about your prepping ideas and maybe even start organizing a group involving your neighborhood. It’s important to be the Closet Prepper for awhile, lest you be viewed as the odd duck. At the very least, until you’ve started to really trust them and get them involved, you definitely don’t want to be known as the person with all the emergency food and supplies. Just be “normal” for a time while you plan your group strategy.

Even if you do plan on going it alone, by taking the time to integrate into the neighborhood, you’ll be viewed as someone who belongs there. This means if there is an emergency situation of some type, you’ll be treated just like every other neighbor trying to cope with the situation – without compromising your personal security nor that of your emergency supplies.

Do you believe in strength in numbers or would you keep your prepper activities a secret?