Making it Through Winter Weather

Over the past few weeks, many parts of the country have been getting pounded with snow, causing power outages, car accidents, and other damage. In times like this, you may not have access to available heat and may also need a way to dig yourself to freedom if necessary.

Staying Warm though the Winter

The most abundantly available way to keep the body warm is … well, the body. The use of an Emergency (a.k.a. Space) Blanket will retain 90 percent of your body’s heat and will be more than enough to keep you warm in cold weather.

Another great way to stay warm is with the use of a Body Heat Bag. Body Heat Bags from WellPrepared can withstand up to 1000 degrees and can be heated in a variety of ways — via grill, dutch oven, or warm coals — after which they can be applied to the body. They are especially useful when placed inside sleeping bags, coats, or clothing to beat back the heat. They can even be used simultaneously with the aforementioned Space Blankets for maximum warmth if you so choose.

Finally, it’s a great idea to make sure you’ve got a way to keep warm in cases where you do find some shelter. A 30-hour Emergency Candle can be used as a mini-oven to not only keep you warm, but also to heat up any emergency food you’ve hopefully had packed away. It’s also a great idea to make sure you have plenty of clean drinking water before any kind of disaster hits.