160 Gallon Water Storage Tank

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160 Gallon Storage Tank


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Tank Specifications:

  • 160 gallon capacity – Delivers nearly three times the storage of a standard 55 gallon water drum, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it! Stack an additional tank on top for 320 gallons of water storage capacity!
  • 44″ high – The tank height is ideal for the everyday user. Standing 44″ tall the tank is tall enough to preserve your floor space but small enough to comfortably access the reservoir, utility fitting or lid should you want or need to do so. The optimal height of these tanks also enables the stacking of two tanks that still fit comfortably in nearly any room. Easy and convenient access to your utility fitting and lid isn’t sacrificed either! Some of the other tanks we researched are big and bulky and take up more floor space without the ability to stack, while others stand taller but only offer access to the reservoir at the very top of the tank. That can make it difficult anytime you want to check the actual water in your tank and/or add chemical treatment.
  • 29″ wide x 36″ deep – The width of these tanks is the absolute perfect width! At just 29” wide and 36” deep, the Waterprepared water storage tank delivers a solid base but still requires little floor space. Wider than some tanks on the market; the width of these tanks helps enable a shorter design making access to the top of the tank easier and more convenient. The width also reduces the possibility of a total freeze-through for those who may at times store their tanks in colder conditions. The width of the Waterprepared water storage tank also helps enable the ability to stack an additional tank on top providing twice the water storage capacity!
  • 42 lbs (empty) – Waterprepared water storage tanks weigh just 42 pounds when empty, so they are relatively easy to move especially with two people. Waterprepared water storage tanks weigh nearly 1400 pounds when full.


Tank Features:

  • Enhanced BPA-free and FDA/NSF approved plastic – Many types of plastics contain a chemical called bisphenol, also known as BPA. BPA can leach into food or water from such plastics and has been linked to negative effects in fetuses and newborns according to some studies. There are growing concerns that BPA can lead to other harmful effects particularly with children ( Waterprepared water storage tanks are made with a high-density polyethylene resin plastic that is BPA free and has been approved by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).
  • Stackable design/Stacking ridges – Waterprepared water storage tanks feature a stackable design that contains four stacking ridges to help ensure a lock-down fit and even weight distribution. These water storage tanks weigh nearly 1400lbs when full, so it is imperative that weight is evenly distributed and the integrity of the tank is not compromised. Waterprepared’s design provides solutions to these dilemmas at the highest level. The ability to stack two tanks permits users to store twice the water without taking up additional floor space. In addition, having two separate tanks versus one oversized tank better protects your investment and water supply. In the event that one of you tanks gets damaged or becomes contaminated, you will still have your second tank and water supply whereas all would be lost with a single oversized tank.
  • Knee high valve – Waterprepared water storage tanks are equipped with an upper knee-high easy fill lead-free valve that enables quick and easy access to your water. Tall enough to fit a standard 5 gallon bucket underneath; the valve can also connect to a hose for water usage or the filling/re-filling of your tank. Many other water drums or tanks have only a plug or valve at the very bottom or top of the tank which can make it difficult to use the water or empty the tank.
  • Lower valve – The lower valve is one of two valves featured on the Waterprepared tank and it is there for good reason. Having a valve at the bottom of the tank is critical for easily and effectively using or emptying the entire water supply contents from your tank. Some water storage devices have plugs or valves at the top of the tank which require difficult and inconvenient pumping or siphoning to actually withdraw the water. Other water storage devices that have single valves or plugs at the bottom may better facilitate the withdrawal of an entire water supply; however it can make it difficult to fit a bucket or anything else underneath to catch the water for use, which is another reason Waterprepared tanks were designed with two valves. The lower valve is mounted within a sink which enables the valve to sit encased within the body of the tank. This feature offers protection from damages that can easily occur because the valve sits at foot level and can often times be overlooked.
  • 12 month manufacture warrenty – Covers the tank and parts in the event of any manufacture defects. So rest assured that we have your back in the event that anything goes wrong!
  • Air release cap/6″ opening – The air release cap is a ventilated cap that can release air and pressure as needed when air inside the tank expands or contracts. The opening is 6” wide making easy to look inside the tank and/or clean your tank though the tanks are already sanitized during the manufacturing process. The bottom of the tank features a sink impression that fits perfectly over the air release cap permitting proper ventilation and even distribution of the weight when two tanks are stacked.
  • Utility fitting – The utility fitting is another testament to the abundant amount of thought and detail that went into the Waterprepared tank design. This feature enables the coupling of two tanks that are stacked together (though we recommend keeping your water supply separate). The utility fitting also serves as an easy and additional access point to your water supply should you want to treat your water with chemicals or access the reservoir for any other reason. The utility fitting is always accessible even when tanks are stacked thanks to the sink impression that surrounds the fitting.

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