BaoFeng BF-F8HP 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio

Includes Full Kit with Large Battery


  • Built-In Duplex Mode
  • Can listen to FM Broadcast Radio
  • 128 Channel Memory
  • Frequency Range: 65-108MHz (FM Receive only) 136-174MHz VHF & 400-520MHz UHF (2M and 70cm)
  • Has 3 Power Levels (1, 4, 8 Watt)

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In any type of emergency situation, one of your important aspects to consider is communication. In these situations, a HAM radio is the tool you will need. For this purpose you will need the BaoFeng BF-F8HP. This handheld two-way radio does it all! You can hit the 2M and 70cm Repeaters. You can listen to an FM radio. There is a built-in siren for an emergency. While this radio doesn’t include the kitchen sink, it even includes a small LED Flashlight!

The BF-F8HP is a dual band handheld radio that improves on the BaoFeng UV-5R with more transmit power. There are three power levels for the BF-F8HR:1w, 4w, and 8w. The BF-F8HP has a better high-gain antenna (7″) and also includes a customizable tri-color display than its predecessors.

The BF-F8HP comes with an in-depth 76 Page User Manual that will help you get acquainted with all of the features this radio offers.

The BF-F8HP maintains full cross accessory compatibility with all previous UV-5R accessories.


  • Model: BAOFENG BF-F8HP
  • Battery: 2000mAh, 7.4v, Li-ion
  • Frequency Range: 65-108MHz (FM Receive only) 136-174MHz and 400-520MHz (TX/RX)(136-174MHz VHF & 400-520MHz UHF)
  • Antenna: High Gain Dual Band Antenna 7″ Antenna
  • Mode of operation: Simple or semi-duplex
  • Transmitter Output power: 8W/ 4W / 1W (Max 8W)
  • Modulation Mode: 16k F3E / 11k F3E
  • Maximum deviation: <5kHz(Wide) / <2.5kHz(Narrow) CTCSS/DCS deviation: 0.5+/-0.1kHz(Wide) / 0.3+/-0.1kHz(Narrow)


  • BF-F8HP
  • 7.4V 2000mahLi-ion Battery Pack
  • Antenna
  • Belt Clip
  • Hand Strap
  • Earphone
  • In-Depth Manual
  • Desktop Charger (110V)

How to Program the BaoFeng BF-F8HP Radio

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