BaoFeng USB Power Adapter

from BaoFeng


  • Authentic BaoFeng USB transformer cable
  • Transforms USB power into the necessary 10V DC for the charger base
  • Compatible with CH-5 and CH8 chargers newer than 2012
  • Perfect for charging in your car or with a USB solar panel charger
  • Compatible with 2.1A, 1A or .5A USB power supplies

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Haven’t you ever wanted to charge your BaoFeng radio via the USB in your car? How about charging it via your battery backup? It sounds like it would be easy to do until you find out that your BaoFeng charger requires 10 volts in order to charge your device. What are you going to do? Well worry no more. BaoFeng has released a USB power transformer cable that will output the 10 volts that you require starting from a standard 5 volt USB output. With the BaoFeng USB Power Adapter you will be able to charge your radio in the car, through a battery pack, or even with a USB solar panel! You will be able to have your power when and where you need it! This means that you will be able to communicate and power up your radio in any emergency as long as you have your car or one of these other power sources working.
Get the BaoFeng USB power adapter and be Well Prepared today!

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