Folding Tactical Crossbow


  • Perfect for hunting or target shooting
  • Stash one in your go bag for the unknown
  • 150 lb draw weight shoots up to 165 fps!
  • Locking hinge for compact transport
  • Adjustable sights for increased aim

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This folding tactical crossbow is a great crossbow for hunting and target practice.


  • Offers locking, hinged fiberglass bow limbs which fold for compact transport
  • The aluminum frame is wrapped in a black synthetic stock to withstand moderate impacts
  • Fiberglass bow with a 10″ power stroke and a 150-lb. draw weight delivers arrows speeds of up to 165 FPS with a 16″ aluminum arrow
  • Includes adjustable sights for precision aiming
  • Mounting rail for adding a scope or red-dot sight

Whether you are going out to bag some food or out to shoot a target, some people love the thrill of hunting with a bow. Sadly, as our bodies age and injuries happen our shoulders and arms may lose the ability to handle the necessary draw on a regular vertical bow. That is where the Folding Tactical Crossbow comes in to play. With this crossbow you will be sure to have the necessary power you need to hunt your game to provide food for your table. Of course, all preparation experts know that in an emergency food is going to be one of your necessities. You are going to need a way to get some food for your family. Yes, you may have some hunting rifles, but not all people will have access to reload their own ammunition. That is where you can switch to your crossbow. With the 150 lb draw weight of this bow it will provide arrow speeds up to 165 fps. That is more than enough to take out hunting and gather you some dinner. For all needs you can get your crossbow and be Well Prepared today!

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