Kelly Kettle Pot Support for all Kelly Kettles


  • Pot support for cooking on all Kelly Kettles
  • Easy disassembly
  • Takes up very little space!
  • Allows you to cook and boil water at the same time
  • Just place in the chimney of the kettle and you’re ready to go!

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In the great outdoors, efficiency is king. When survival is on the line, you want to make sure that your energy is not wasted in useless pursuits. When you see the Kelly Kettle Pot Support you don’t think that it can really help you achieve your goal of survival. Although it comes in a small package, this pot support give you an increase in capability with your Kelly Kettles! From something so small and light, it enables you to cook on top of the Kelly Kettle chimney.

Small in size, yet very efficient

Cooking on top of the chimney allows you to cook at the same time your water is coming to a boil. Previously you would have had to remove the kettle from the fire-base and cook on top of the base. All you have to do now is assemble your pot support and insert it in the chimney of the kettle. Next, you start your fuel on fire and you’ll be able to boil your water and cook your food at the same time.

Easy to assemble

Don’t worry, this assembly is nothing more than placing the 2 pieces together. You now have a surface for cooking your noodles, oatmeal and rice or other fast cooking food. This increase in efficiency ensures that one can maximize your use of time as well as maximize your consumption of fuel. Furthermore, the size of the pot support allows it to fit inside the kettle for easy storage. This maximizes the efficiency of your storage space. Space, fuel, time — these are all key factors that we need to consider when we are preparing for future emergencies.

Get the Kelly Kettle and the Pot Support and store one in the car and one with your gear. Get the Kelly Kettle Pot Support and be Well Prepared today!

Note: Make sure your kettle always has water in it when using the Pot Support for cooking

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