Mini Self Defense Tool

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  • Made of 1/4 inch thick plexiglass
  • Can be carried in many locations
  • Perfect for self-defense in areas where firearms and knives are not allowed
  • Can be used to gouge, slash, puncture, and strike
  • Get one for you loved ones!

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Self-Defense without Metal

Are you worried about your own safety? Do you travel a lot and lugging around a firearm or knife is not possible? You will need a type of self-defense weapon that you can take through secure locations. With the Mini Self Defense Tool you have a 1/4 inch thick black plexiglass tool that you can use to protect yourself. You may think that is a gimmick, but we assure you that the edges are indeed sharp and with the right know how you’ll be able to fight off would be assailants wherever you may be.

Slash, Gouge, Puncture, and Strike your way to Safety

This tool can be used for slashing, gouging, puncturing, and striking – you’ll definitely be able to protect yourself. Get one for your loved ones and get one for yourself! Get the Mini Self Defense Tool and be Well Prepared today.

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