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Protect Your Electronics From EMP With these Faraday Bags

Technology has become synonymous with life and safety in today’s world, but what would happen if you lost your mobile phone or other electronic equipment? This would be a reality immediately following a nuclear blast. Nuclear explostions would render all electronic equipment null, resulting in immediate communication loss for most of the country. It’s an unfortunate reality that most people remain un- or under prepared even with possible nuclear threats looming seemingly every time you turn on the television.

Faraday Bags Shield Your Equipment from EMP Damage and More

For most of us, if there were to be an emergency situation where our electronics get taken out of commission, we’d be lost or at the very least left in a very tough spot. That is where the Tech Protect Faraday Bags come in.

In addition to protecting your devices in moments of Electrogagnetic Pulse currents, these puncture resistant bags are even able to keep your products dry with their low Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate. This means your electrical products will stay safe, dry and protected during any event.

What Can I Protect With a Faraday EMP Protection Bag?

We’ve already mentioned mobile phones, but with the availability of these bags in different sizes, you can make sure all of your necessary survival proucts are properly protected. Power Generators are a great thing to protect so you’re not left without light and heat. You can also protect your electronic radios so that you can operate them on your generator and stay well connected. This helps you stay informed of the latest news and information about the disaster.

Double Layers Equals Double EMP Protection

If you double faraday bag layers, your level of protection will rise, greatly decreasing the risk of EMP damage to your equipment. More layers mean more protection. Simply stick your bags inside one another and you’ll get instantly increased protection.


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