Trauma Medical Bag

M-17 Medic


  • Provides Everything Needed for a Wide Range of Survival Scenarios
  • Contains 316 Pieces
  • 2 Year Shelf Life
  • Also comes in Advanced variant, offering even more

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Trauma Medical Bag

For First Aid, Survival, and Bugging Out

The Trauma Medical Bag from Well Prepared provides you with everything you need for a wide variety of first aid and medical scenarios. This kit is a combat lifesaver kit designed for unit medics in the field.

BONUS – Redmond Clay First Aid Hydrated Clay

We include a special bonus bottle of Redmond Clay First Aid Hydrating Clay to the Trauma Kits. Redmond Clay is a healing powder that has a strong pulling or drawing effect. This allows it to function similar to a sponge in drawing out swelling, bacteria, toxins, heavy metals. Redmond Clay helps with a wide variety of ailments, including insect stings and bites, burns, ring worm, diaper rash, swelling and sprains, and severe dry skin and irritation.

M-17 Medic Bag Specifications

  • Dimensions:16″ x 10″ x 13.5″
  • Weight: 12 lbs.


Skin and eye wash1
Hand sanitizer 2oz1
Hand soap1
Calamine lotion 6oz.1
Lubrication jelly3
Burn spray1
Sam/Universal splint1
Multi-trauma dressing5
BleedStop bandage5
Elastic bandage 6″2
Elastic bandage 2″12
Sterile pads 4″x44
Sterile pads 2″x2″10
Abdominal pads 5″x9″10
Eye pads2
Triangular bandage2
Bandage strip 3″x1″100
Butterfly strip 2″x3″10
Knuckle bandage10
Instant ice pack3
Lip treatment jelly1
EMT shears1
Skin probe1
Scalpel handle 3″1
Scalpel blades2
Pen light1
Suture set2
First aid book1
Safety pins6
Pill bottles2
Pair latex gloves6
Pain reliever/Aspirin14
Rubber Tourniquet1
First aid cream package4
Triple antibiotic package4
Burn aid package2
Tape 1″5
Alcohol wipes15
Iodine PVP wipes15
Antiseptic BZK wipes15
Clean wipes15
After bite wipes6
Ammonia inhalants2
CPR mask1
Air ways2
Tongue depressor2
Box of 100 cotton tips1


Also comes in an Advanced Trauma Medical variant

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Weight11 lbs
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Survival Medical

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