55 Gallon water Tank
55 Gallon Water Storage Tank

55 Gallon Water Storage Tank

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  • Stackable Water Tanks
  • Perfect for storing water for any emergency
  • Easily fits through a standard door; 22" x 28" x 30"
  • Built of high-quality plastic that reduces bacteria in the water
  • BPA Free


55 Gallon Emergency & Camping Water Storage Tank

Are you trying to store water and the immensity of the task is getting you down? Look no further than these 55 Gallon Water Storage Tanks!

Why Choose Well Prepared Water Storage Tanks?

  • Stackable - These water tanks are stackable. In other words, you can fit more water in the same space that would fit one of the other bulky 55 gallon drums!
  • Strong - The plastic that goes into building these tanks is manufactured for strength. This means that, for the amount of time you are going to hang on to these tanks, they are going to last. Durability is not compromised at all-even while stacked.
  • Safe - In addition to being safe, the plastic in these drums is also tough. The tanks are BPA free and are made out of Food Grade Materials. In a nutshell, this means you can even store food in the tanks and it would keep the food clean and healthy.
  • Easy to Use - If you stack the tanks, will you be sacrificing easy access to the water in the bottom tank? The answer to this question is a resounding "no." There are actually two spigots on these tanks that provide easy access to the water wherever you have it stored.

Water Storage for When You Need It Most

We’d like to think the world is a safe place, but there are disasters both large and small happening each and every day. For larger disasters, as we’ve seen with the devastating hurricanes in the fall of 2017, FEMA disaster relief may not be readily available. You and your family could be waiting for assistance for hours or even days. This is an unfortunate reality. During this time, you want to keep your family's water supply available, clean, and healthy. Even in smaller emergency situations, water storage can make a world of difference. This ensures you and your family never go thirsty. Well Prepared's water storage tank provides you and your family with 55-gallons of crystal clear water when you need it most.