BaoFeng BL-5 AA Battery Pack for for BF-F8HP, UV-5X3, and UV-5R Radios


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  • Genuine BaoFeng Battery Pack
  • Works with BaoFeng UV-5R, UV-5X3, BF-F8HP
  • Works with 6 AA batteries (please see instructions below)
  • Dummy battery included
  • Will work with radio's belt clip

Any Prepper will know that you are going to need some type of power for when the grid goes down. The same goes for powering your HAM Radio. If you want to stay connected, you are going to need power. Hooray! You remembered to have your Radio on the charger when everything went down. Too bad you can only listen for a few days with that one battery. You are going to need a backup. This is the backup you will need. Any gas station will be able to provide you with the batteries that you need to stay connected. With the BaoFeng BL-5 AA Battery Pack you will be able to stay connected with 5 regular AA Alkaline batteries! What's even better? You can even use 6 Rechargeable AA batteries and be able to power your HAM Radio. Now how does that work out? I can use 5 or 6 batteries? Absolutely! This battery-pack includes a dummy cell battery that will pass the charge from the 5 Alkaline batteries to its necessary contacts. In other words, if you are using alkaline batteries, you will need to use 5 AA Alkaline batteries and the dummy cell to power your Radio. If you are using the rechargeable batteries, use 6 of the Rechargeable AA batteries and remove the dummy cell, but be sure to keep it close by for when you will need to use the Alkaline batteries next! We are not responsible for you misinterpreting these directions. We repeat: Do not place 6 AA Alkaline batteries into this battery pack