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BaoFeng Tech AMP-V25 VHF Radio Amplifier

  • Boost your handheld radio signal to 20-40 Watts!
  • Portable and lightweight amplifier
  • Customer replaceable fuse
  • 2 Meter (136-174MHz) operation
  • Out of band amplifier pass-through


BaoFeng Tech AMP-V25 VHF Radio Amplifier

Suppose you are a brand new HAM radio licensee. You go out and buy the BaoFeng BF-F8HP radio and think you are well on your way to making great contact with the world. However, you are miles away from the closest repeater. Although your radio has the 8 Watt output, you still find yourself wishing you had more power. In fact, when trying to listen to the local police scanner using the radio, you wish you had a little more power. Especially during an emergency, this boost of power would be greatly appreciated. While you could always spring for a much pricier solution, the BaoFeng Tech AMP-V25 VHF Radio Amplifer has just what you need to take what you have and make it so much more!

Amplifier built for your BaoFeng radio

The SMA Female cable included in the box, enables connecting to your BaoFeng Tech radio a breeze. All you have to do is connect your antenna (such as the Nagoya UT-72 Dual-Band Antenna) to the amplifier. Then you connect your BaoFeng radio to the amplifier using the SMA cable. Lastly, you plug in the power and turn on the amplifier and you have amplified your signal output. In addition to this simplicity, the total output boost is between 20-40 Watts! This is an amazing amount of power boost to your communication.

Built-in Device Protections

The BaoFeng Tech amplifier features a handful of protections:
  • Voltage spike suppression. In other words, your amplifier and radio are protected from power spikes.
  • Over-temperature protection
  • RF sensing shut off. This amplifier is designed for UHF operation. If you start transmitting on VHF frequencies, it will shut off and not fry the circuitry. If you need to start transmitting on the VHF frequencies, the pass-through enables this for you. You only need to turn off the amplifier and you can transmit and listen to the necessary frequencies. This means that you don't have to disconnect the radio from the amplifier to work on the 70cm frequencies!
  • External, user-replaceable fuse. If you fry the amplifier, replacing the fuse is much easier than replacing one in your car. Please note: you will need to change the power output on your BF-F8HP radio so that it is transmitting on the medium power output. This amplifier will increase your signal if it is between 2 and 6 watts output. We are not responsible for your blown fuses.

    Loud Speaker

    The amplifier has its own 4 watt speaker. This output is definitely more than your handheld radio features. In this case, please be aware that the speaker is on the bottom of the amplifier. Because of this, ensure that you have the amplifier speaker positioned so you can hear it. Get the BaoFeng Tech AMP-25 Radio Amplifer and be heard. [embed][/embed]

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    BaoFeng Tech AMP-25 Radio Amplifier