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BaoFeng Tech Rainproof Shoulder Speaker Microphone

  • Perfect for use in the car or working
  • Impact resistant casing
  • Splash resistant
  • 8 Adjustable positions
  • Works with most radios with 2-pin KPG-22 type connector

Have you ever wanted to talk on your ham radio while you were driving? Doesn't it get annoying having to hold it up to your mouth and talk especially if you are trying to charge it? With the BaoFeng Tech Rainproof Shoulder Speaker Microphone you will be able to talk or listen using your BaoFeng BF-F8HP ham radio without holding your radio. The microphone will attach using its stainless steel, 8-position, adjustable clip so that you can hear what is going on at any time.

Easy to Use

You can reply to your buddies or reply to fellow survivors in an emergency event. All it takes is just the simple push of a button without picking your radio back up. In our experience, this speaker has even proven to be louder than the speaker on the radio itself. In addition, the IP54 rating on the PVC casing provides you impact, shock, dust, wind, and splash resistance!

Impact, Shock, Dust, Wind, Splash Resistance

Take this rugged shoulder microphone with you everywhere from the campsite to the job site. In an emergency take it to the CERT check in point during a disaster. You know that this accessory will be up to the task. Furthermore, it will withstand all of the rigors that you need it to so that you can survive. This microphone and speaker setup also provides an auxiliary output. This means that you can send the sound output to your stereo in your vehicle or wherever else you may be communicating. With the 2 Pin Kenwood cord, you are also not limited to just BaoFeng products. Many other products use the same plug. Therefore, you can use this microphone with them. Be prepared and be ready with this external BaoFeng Speaker and Microphone so that you can drive or work with both of your hands! If you need help programming your BaoFeng BF-F8HP radio you can check out the video that we made here.