Bugout Bags
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Bugout Bags
Bugout Bags
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Bugout Bags

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  • Sturdy Bugout Bag Perfect for Prepping, Camping and Hiking
  • All the Basics You Need to Survive
  • Take with You Anywhere
  • Add Your Own Prepping Items to Enhance Your Bugout Bag
  • Featuring the Jars of Life


Bugout Bags

For Preppers, Homesteaders, and Outdoors Enthusiasts

Well Prepared Bugout Bags provide you with:
  • Everything you need for any disaster or emergency
  • Supplies you need for camping or hiking
  • Quick access to food and water storage
  • Short term and long term survival needs

Basic Bugout Bag

  • Backpack
  • 5 Jars of Life -- Everything You Need to Survive
    • Water Jar - Sawyer Mini Water Filter, Water Purification Tablets, 3 Emergency Water Packets,Storage Bag, Reusable Jar
    • Fire Jar - 2-Count Sets of 10 Stormproof Matches with Case, 8-Count 40 Pack Waterproof Matches, Set of 2 Bic Lighters, 30 Hour Emergency Candle, Set of 2 Packets WETFIRE, Flint Fire Starter, Magnifying Glass, Wire Saw, Multi-Tool, Set of 5 WellPrepared Fuel Cells, Storage Bag, Reusable Jar
    • Shelter Jar - Survival Blanket, Emergency Poncho, Insect Repellent, Dust Mask, Hand Sanitizer, 3 Pocket Tissues, Sewing Kit, 4 Stakes, 30 Foot Paracord, Chapstick, 2 Rolls Duct Tape, Storage Bag, Reusable Jar
    • First Aid Jar - 37 Piece First Aid Kit, Ace Bandage, 2 Gauze Rolls, 2 Rolls Medical Tape, Liquid Bandage, Self Adhering Bandage, 2 ABD Gauze Pads, Super Glue, 100 ct. Aspirin, Antibiotic Ointment, Roll of Duct Tape, Storage Bag, Reusable Jar
    • Food Jar - Emergency Stove, Utensil Set, Fishing Kit, Snare Kit, Skinning Knife, Knife Sharpener, 2oz Himalayan Salt, Trace Minerals, Can Opener, Washcloth, Storage Bag, Reusable Jar

Standard Bugout Bag

Basic Bugout Bag items, plus:
  • Food:
    • Two 6-Pack Water Pouches (12 Water Pouches total)
    • Four Bar 2,400
    • Two 2-type Wise Foods
    • Two Mountain House Foods
  • Standard Accessories:
    • Two Heavy Duty Trash Bags
    • Two Warm Polar Fleece Blanket
    • Compact Multi-Function Shovel
    • Commando Knife
    • Mess Kit
    • Hydro Kit
    • Tarp
    • Six Carabiners
    • Paracord

Deluxe Bugout Bag

Standard Bugout Bag items, plus:
  • Power Jar (including Power Bank)
  • Solar Panel – 18 Watt
  • Replace shovel with Commando Shovel
  • Saw
  • Tomahawk