Cold Steel Blackthorn Staff


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  • Single Piece Polypropylene Construction
  • Made by Injection Molding and High-Impact Polymer
  • A Great Walking Stick that can be used for your protection
  • 2-Tone Head
  • Length of 59"

Picture yourself walking along at night with your trusted cane that is barely providing any support. You are suddenly set upon by a gang of thugs. In some places you are not allowed much in the line of weaponry to protect yourself. Get the Cold Steel Blackthorn Staff and fight back today! With its superior polypropylene construction you'll be assured that this staff can handle the beating that you can deliver. From its knobs to its wood-effect texturing to its faux-wood knob you'll be also be the talk of all your friends. At just under 60 inches, this staff will be there for you when you need it!