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Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel

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  • Based on the Original Soviet "Spetsnaz" military entrenching tool
  • Medium Carbon Steel Blade is broad and flat with 4 sharpened edges
  • Stout Hardwood Handle
  • Overall Length: 19.6”
  • Weight: 25.7 oz

A shovel is an indispensable tool that belongs on any camping trip or in any car. The uses of a shovel cannot be ignored. For instance, you can use a shovel to help you dig your car out of mud or snow.

True Multi-Use Tool

There are many reasons that you will need a shovel for. If you need to put out a fire, you have your tool. If you need to dig a small latrine-be my guest. As already stated, you are ready if you need to dig your car out from being stuck.

Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel

The Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel, is truly a marvel among military shovels. Some compression shovels are actually not built for work. For example, they get weak around the joint and cannot maintain the strength necessary for whatever your task is. From its strong wooden handle to its carbon steel blade, the Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel is built for any task. Just from gripping the handle you can feel its superior quality build. This shovel is based upon the original Soviet “Spetsnaz” military entrenching tool. Knowing this, you know that you are getting a tool that will last you a long time. In other words, you can feel the quality of the shovel in your hand and rest assured based upon its legacy that it will survive to be passed down to your children when they go camping with their own children.

Great for self-defense

Although we wouldn’t suggest trying to jump into a battle with only a shovel, we do feel that this shovel can be used in self-defense purposes. This shovel features a broad, flat steel blade that has four sharpened edges! Not only can you dig your trench to protect yourself from gun fire, but you can fend off your attacker with the blade. Furthermore, this shovel has also been used for throwing with its head-heavy balance and sharp edges. Again, this is not something that is suggested as your blade would no longer be in your hand. We do, however, suggest you try throwing it in more friendly occasions and see how well it does!

Our Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel includes a Sheath!

Unlike some other versions, the shovel you get from includes a sheath that you have to find elsewhere in other locations.


  • Weight: 25.7 oz
  • Thickness: 2 mm (Shovel Head)
  • Material: Medium Carbon Steel
  • Handle: Hardwood Handle
  • Overall Length: 19.6”

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