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Food Storage Powerhouse

  • Receive up to 2000% more nutrition in your food storage
  • 12 treasures of knowledge to boost your nutrition
  • What to eat during a disaster
  • 168 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1530663934


Are you ready to live off the food you have in your house right now?

Will your body suffer from a lack of nutrition during this emergency event? There are a lot of us that may be eating a decent amount of rice and beans. Sadly, this doesn't provide all the nutrients that your body will need in order to survive and thrive. Claudia Orgill, in her book, Food Storage Powerhouse, discusses that very subject. She provides us with 12 ways or "treasures" that we can use to increase the nutrition in our food storage by up to 2000%!

Nutrition is Important

If you don't have proper nutrition during an emergency, you may not have the strength for your day to day activities. Furthermore, in a long-term emergency situation, will you have the nutrition you need to maintain your health and avoid sickness? Lastly, do you have the foods you need to keep your kids healthy?

What Should We Eat?

Claudia discusses the foods that are necessary for a family to have thrive in a disaster. She talks about the ways to maintain your nutrition when living out of the food in your pantry. In addition, she talks about the foods that are good as additives that will further enhance how your food tastes. These additives also provide more of the nutrition that you need. In another chapter, she also suggests what we should be drinking. Claudia also discusses gardening and what we can grow to boost our health.

How do We Prepare These Foods?

In addition to what we need to store, Claudia talks about how to prepare the foods we have gathered. There are many things that we can use to prepare our food including rocket stoves, thermal cookers and more! Let us help you protect your family and help them thrive during a disaster or other related event that will have you living off your food storage. Get the Food Storage Powerhouse by Claudia Orgill and be Well Prepared today!
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