Garden 20 Variety Pack Heirloom Seeds


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  • Non-GMO
  • Heirloom
  • Open pollinated
  • Can last in storage for 25 years
  • Moisture proof bag

Before and after the aftermath of a major emergency, having some type of perpetual food source is a great idea. That is why many people suggest growing a garden so that you can have clean harvested fruits and vegetables during those times. With the Garden 20 Variety Pack Heirloom Seeds you will be able to have 20 varieties of locally harvested heirloom seeds that can perpetually provide for you and your family. Get started with these 20 varieties that are harvested without any pesticides and are considered Non-GMO. These seeds can provide for you even if saved for that emergency. In the moisture proof bag and in the right circumstances, these seeds can have a 25 year shelf life! Get some for now and some for after your disaster.
Garden 20 Variety Heirloom Seeds
The images included above may not be an actual representation of how your produce will appear as differing soil and skill levels can play a factor in how your garden will appear.