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Israeli Infant Gas Mask Hood

  • Keep your infants breathing clean air
  • 4 Batteries last for 14 hours
  • Bottle included for feeding child
  • Takes same filters as the rest of our masks
  • Air Flow: 45 lt/min

You have successfully prepared for the most catastrophic of events for you and your family. When the time comes, you gather your family together and put your gas masks on. Then you check to make sure that the masks are securely sealed to their faces. You can now take your family to the bugout location.

Protection for your Babies

What about the smallest among us? How about those carrying infants? No baby will be able to support a gas mask much less keep one on. In Israel, they utilize a hood that you place the infant inside of and provide clean air to them. In Israel they call this the Shmartaf. This Israeli Infant Gas Mask Hood will protect infants from the tender age of three-months old and up.

Positive Pressure Gas Mask

This gas mask features a fan, or blower, that forces air through the filter and into the hood for the child to safely breathe. This means that your child will survive the danger or event that has occurred. Running off of four included batteries, the gas mask hood has a run time of about 14 hours. This is more than enough time for you to clear yourself and your family from the danger. In addition to the hood and the blower, this gas mask hood also features a backboard so you can continue to support your child. In addition, the hood has an internal bottle for feeding. You can keep your child fed while you are getting to your bugout location. You can also keep the child happy while you wait for the threat to be over.


  • Power Supply: 4 Lithium MnO2 batteries, size 123A
  • Operating Voltage: 2.7 volts
  • Air Flow: 45 lt/min
  • Operating Time without replacing batteries: 14 hours
  • Resistance to penetration from liquid mustard: over 6 hours

Do not forget to prepare with more filters!

Be sure to pick up your replacement filters from us!Click on the picture and get your filters now!

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