Kaito KA1103
Kaito KA1103
Kaito KA1103
Kaito KA1103

Kaito KA1103 AM/FM Shortwave Worldband Radio

  • AM/FM, Shortwave
  • Effective wide-narrow filter
  • Direct frequency entering or tuning knob
  • Signal strength meter
  • 268 memory stations

With the Kaito KA1103, you will be getting the best radio that will keep you connected wherever you may be. With its AM, FM, Shortwave and Long wave capabilities you will be sure to be able to receive your broadcasts wherever you are. Featuring an old fashioned tuning dial, you can search for broadcasts with the twist of a knob. Don't worry if you need to find a station directly as you can input your desired station with the press of the buttons. As this radio has a really good filter, you will be assured to have clean and clear channels due to the KA1103's great selectivity and sensitivity! This radio can be programmed with up to 268 stations into its memory. This will enable you to return to previously listened stations with just a button push. You can also scan for clear broadcasts, find your broadcasts with the tuning knob or enter the station with the direct tuning capability featuring the 10-key buttons. The speaker on this radio is a very good speaker and is an improvement over the previous model. Don't worry if you are trying to listen at night as you can also plug in your favorite headphones. If you forgot your favorite pair, never fear, the package contains a set of stereo earphones with it! You'll be able to recharge the included AA rechargeable with the advanced AC adapter that will automatically start the charging process when it is necessary assuming you are plugged into the wall already. Be prepared with all of your communication needs and get the Kaito KA1103 today!

Package includes:

  • KA1103 radio
  • Stereo earphones
  • 120v AC adapter
  • External antenna
  • Carrying pouch
  • 3 AA rechargeable batteries
  • User manual

Frequency Coverage:

  • FM:76.0-108.0MHz
  • AM:520-1710 MHz
  • SW:1.71-29.99 MHz
  • LW 100 - 519 kHz