Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kettle

Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kettle (used)

$94.98 Sale price

  • 1.6 Liter kettle
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Perfect for boiling water and cooking while camping or backpacking or during an emergency
  • Boils water under 10 minutes
  • Kelly Kettle's largest kettle
This is for a lightly used product that was a floor model at our retail store. $20 off.
The 1.6 Liter Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kettle is a perfect tool for your outdoor cooking and survival needs. You'll be able boil your water in less than 10 minutes using only twigs and sticks! This is perfect in any survival or disaster situation where fuel supply may be in question. Furthermore, the size of the kettle and its ease of use make this perfect for camping or backpacking and preparing your food and water on the go. The Kelly Kettle has accessories that you can use to cook your food on the fire-base or on top of the kettle as it is heating up. The possibilities and utility of the Kelly Kettle Base Camp is endless. The Base Camp is the largest of the kettles that Kelly Kettle offers so its perfect for taking care of your whole family.