Kimber PepperBlaster II - Gray

Kimber PepperBlaster II - Gray

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  • Shoots Up to 13 Feet in a Fraction of a Second at 90 MPH
  • No Blowback, Drifting, or Loss of Pressure
  • Easy to Use Right or Left Handed
  • Improved Accuracy with Front and Rear Sights and Ergonomic Grip


Used by Professional Security & Military Units Worldwide

The Kimber Pepper Blaster II offers you the protection you need no matter where you go. The pepper spray gun shoots a 90 MPH blast that hits targets instantly, with no blowback, drifting, or loss of pressure. Its contents debilitates would-be assailants for 45-60 minutes. Just point and shoot. Ergonomic grip and both front and rear sights improve accuracy. Works whether you're right handed or left handed. Features wrist strap attachment for easy carry. Kimber Pepper Blaster II also comes with a tin carry case for easy storage. By purchasing this product you are agreeing that you are at least 18 Years of Age. You are also agreeing that purchasing this product is legal in your current jurisdiction. Well Prepared and its employees will not be held responsible for customer purchases in locations where this product is not legal. This product is known to be restricted in some states and cities. You are required to verify that you are able to purchase this product in your jurisdiction prior to purchasing from us.