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WeatherRite Oil Lantern

  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use during parties or emergencies
  • 12 oz capacity fuel tank for up to 35 hours of burn time
  • Can only use kerosene, lamp oil, or citronella oil
  • Adjustable wick height for adjustable light output
  • Child-proof fuel tank cap for your security

Good old fashioned light without the batteries! How can that still be a thing? It sure is! With the Oil Lantern from WeatherRite you can have a taste of the battery-less world without having to find an old lantern in a thrift store. With the simplistic design of the Oil Lantern you have access to a 12 oz. fuel tank, an adjustable wick height (for an adjustable output), and has a metal wire guard around the glass so as to protect you and your little ones. The Oil Lantern can work using kerosene, lamp oil, or citronella oil only, but for those days outdoors at night when you are having a backyard party or out camping, the applications are endless. The fuel tank cap is also child proof so you can rest assured that your little ones will be safe while in use. There is even a hanging hook in this simple design so that you can hang your lantern anywhere! Get your Oil Lantern now and be Well Prepared for when you run out of batteries, or if you would love wonderful lighting at your next backyard barbecue.