Spy Escape and Evasion 72 Hour Kit in a Box

72-Hour Food Kit In A Box

  • 9 Meals in each box
  • Cook meals right in the pouch
  • Pouches made to last for years
  • Oxygen absorber in each pouch
  • Get the nutrition and calories you need in an emergency!

Who wants to go hungry for 3 days? When that storm or earthquake hits, where are you going to get your food? You may not be able to run to the grocery store. In fact, it is best to prepare ahead of time. With the 72-Hour Food Kit In A Box you will be able to have a variety of foods and thrive through your disaster.

9 Meals in Foil Pouches

With your emergency situation comes the need to maintain your nutrients and calories. Because of that need, the food in these pouches are designed to care for you during that time of need. In fact, each of the foil pouches are designed for you to pour hot water right into the pouch. That's right, boil your water and pour the water into the pouch and let it cook there! You'll be eating in no time!

Can Last for Years in Storage

Who enjoys having to throw tons of storage foods out every year? That person doesn't exist. These pouches are sealed in a thick foil that protects it from light, oxygen and water vapor. In addition, the included oxygen absorbers help to keep the oxygen level low in each pouch. This means that your food will last for years in storage and you'll be able to use it when you need to. You need to be ready for when catastrophe strikes. In fact, you want to be the person that can survive in these situations and smile. The only way to do this is to be ready for them. You'll want to have access to most of your basics: shelter, water, food and so on. It is time for you to get your survival kits ready. Make sure you have a backup shelter and clothing ready to go. Next, make sure you have a water supply with filters so you can maintain the water in your body and sanitation. You'll also want to have a way so that you can boil the water in case you need to purify your supply. After that, make sure you have food to keep your energy up. With the 72-Hour Food Kit In A Box, you'll be Well Prepared today!