SureFlame Fire Starter Disc


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  • Up to 30 minutes burn time
  • Made of cedar wood and wax
  • Perfect for emergency situations
  • Perfect for use as a fire starter
  • Can be used alone to boil water in the Kelly Kettle

Whether you are out of kindling or just need to boil some water, the SureFlame Fire Starter Disc is the perfect addition to any pack or emergency kit. Made of cedar wood and refined wax, the disc can burn up to 30 minutes. That is more than enough time to boil water in a Kelly Kettle. You can use the disc as a great fire starter too! If you are short on kindling, go ahead and use the disc and start your fire. With the 30 minute burn time you'll even be able to keep yourself warm in times of cold or emergency. These discs can easily be re-lit for use again and again! Get the SureFlame Fire Starter Disc and be Well Prepared today!