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WeatherRite 15 LED Lantern

  • Perfect for any indoor or outdoor occasion
  • Requires 2 D Batteries
  • Can run for up to 96 hours!
  • 15 LEDs with 25 Lumen output
  • Adjustable Brightness

You are in the great outdoors and are sitting down to play some cards with your friends as the sun goes down. You are too far from the campfire to rely on that for light. What do you do? You get the WeatherRite 15 LED Lantern and let it's strong and bright 15 LEDs provide you with the light that you need to finish your games! Using 2 D batteries you'll be able to power your lantern for up to 96 hours. That's a lot of playing time! While perfect for playing your games outside, this Lantern is perfect any situation where light is needed. It features a hook so that you can hang the lantern from most anywhere. It also has an adjustable brightness output so you can dim the light as you need to. This lantern has even got a wire-guard protecting the glass for even more security for you! Get the WeatherRite 15 LED Lantern and be Well Prepared for any situation today!