Wysi Wipe Multi-Purpose Wipes - Just Add Water!
Wysi Wipe Multi-Purpose Wipes - Just Add Water!

Wysi Wipe Multi-Purpose Wipes - Just Add Water!

  • Biodegradable Towelettes - Just add water!
  • Hypoallergenic, super-soft and gentle
  • Disposable yet reusable, can be rinsed many times
  • Kid friendly and pet friendly in the home or on the go
  • Scent Free, no perfumes or additives!
Whether you are on the go, camping, preparing your bug-out bag, or just at home, Wysi Wipes are perfect for you.  Imagine being out in the woods and having to lug your roll of paper towels with you in order to clean some of your utensils.  How much extra space does that roll take up?  If that is not a situation you will find yourself in, imagine that you are lugging your twins around in your minivan and they are constantly making messes and you have run out of your baby wipes to keep them clean.  Lastly, what if you have to go to the bathroom while out in the woods and the leaves don't look inviting? Wysi Wipes are there for you in almost every situation. Wysi Wipes are the preferred alternative to pre-moistened towelettes, facial tissue or paper towels. They are 100% natural. No chemicals and no artificial smelly scents. When you need a refreshing and durable wipe, you simply add a liquid. And it only takes a tablespoon full. Wysi Wipes, almost instantly, turn into a durable and reusable cloth. It is fun to watch when it expands and unrolls like magic! Take as many wipes as you need, they're purely practical and weigh only 2 grams each. And they're biodegradable and land-fill friendly! Wysi Wipes are your perfect preparedness item for whatever situation you may be in!