Who Needs the Grid When You Have Self-Sustained Electricity?

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to go off the grid, away from public power plants and systems. It’s cleaner, smarter, and even safer than utilizing generic electric power sources. Here at Well Prepared, we sell a 600 watt Wind Turbine Generator that can give your self-sustained independence a boost. Small Wind Turbines are electric generators that use the energy of the wind to produce clean, emission free power for individual homes, farms, and small businesses.

Highlights of the Wind Turbine Generator

First, let’s list some of the highlighted specs and benefits of the Wind Turbine Generator:

  • 60% more effective power than other wind turbines with the same rotor diameter
  • 10% more efficiency, lower starting resistance, class H motor insulation rating
  • Temperature resistant, high strength compound material able to handle a variety of wind conditions
  • Efficient and Portable
  • 400 wait sustained power

Why Switch to Wind Power?

It’s common knowledge that wind power is both cleaner and in many ways more efficient when compared to other electrical sources. Renewable energy is the wave of the new world, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future. Beyond its cleanliness, though, are other added benefits to adding wind power to your home, business, or farm:

  • Save money – let’s be honest, we’re all looking to save money wherever we can, and cutting energy bills is a great way to do that
  • Affordable – while the Wind Turbine Generator helps you save money on energy, it’s also very affordable. You are also able to take advantage of the 30
  • Efficient – Unlike commercial sized wind turbines, small home wind turbines can be suitable for use on properties as small as one acre of land in most areas of the country
  • There for Emergencies – Wind power will be there when you need it in case of an emergency, allowing you to be prepared

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