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Protecting Your Family’s Health During a Disaster

In this course, we explain that the reason for most fatalities during a disaster is not trauma or injury, but rather an infectious disease. We discuss the 15 most important natural remedies to include in an emergency preparedness kit....

BaoFeng Radio Features & Tutorials

In these videos, we'll discuss the features of the BaoFeng BF-F8HP dual-band radio and how to use it. In this video, we discuss the features and best reasons to own a BaoFeng BF-F8HP dual-band radio....

Self Defense (Video)

Defending yourself and your family is extremely important, which is why Well Prepared sought out the help of a veteran self defense specialist to teach our class. You'll be able to find the video of the class below for your own self defense learning purposes. It's...

The Survivalist Hatchet: Designed for Splitting and Chopping

Custom made in Bulgaria, the Survivalist Hatchet is a small hatchet and axe featuring a curved adze blade and was designed for maximum striking power with its cutting head made of hardened 440 steel. Hatchet for Any Situation With the Survivalist Hatchet, you'll be...

Video: Shelter in Place – Finding Protective Shelters in Times of Crisis

This free video class teaches you how to Shelter in Place during times of crisis. Looking for a Shelter? View Ballistic Storm Shelters Part 1: Part 2:

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