Alternative Remedies: Cure Heartburn

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Part of being a prepper is knowing how to do things that might come across as unconventional, including utilizing non-conventional or natural forms of medicine to provide relief for different ailments that will inevitably come along.

One of these ailments is heartburn, and it turns out that a lot of natural and alternative treatments have been suggested to cure heartburn, including Melatonin, but there isn’t a whole lot of dependable research out there for supplements that help cure heartburn. Besides, for preppers, medications and supplements aren’t always an option.

A remedy that does seem to work well is celery. Eating a couple of sticks of celery for your heartburn should cause your heartburn to subside quickly. Aside from this, you can also try chewing gum, baking soda, licorice, aloe, and slippery elm.

Let us know of other ways you’ve heard of or tried to treat heartburn without medication.

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