Sand Bag Bundle
Sand Bag Bundle

Sandbag 25-Ct Bundles

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  • Ultraviolet Stabilized Bags
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Attached Tie Strings
  • Perfect Solution for Flooding

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    Sandbags…When you hear sandbags, what do you think about? You probably think of nothing special at all. You typically think of something that you only need in an emergency. In fact, when you think about sandbags, you think about your local government providing you with sandbags during some type of flooding. You also hope that there is enough sandbags to go around. Because of this reason alone, get some sandbags and be prepared for any future emergency.

    Are you in a flood plain?

    Many people do not know that they may be located in a flood plain. If you do not know if you are or not, it is strongly suggested that you find out if you are right now. If you are in a flood plain, we highly suggest that you order some sandbags as soon as possible as you never know when the next storm can afflict you.

    25 Count Bundle

    With this 25 count bundle of sandbags you will have sandbags enough to protect your house and your loved ones. These 1600 hour, UV stabilized bags are durable enough to last you a few years. Fill them up and tie them up with the attached tie strings and you’ll be prepared for the next flooding.

    Sandbags are not just for flooding

    Sandbags have the connotation of being directly associated with flooding. However, that is not all that they are good for. Do you live near a mountain? Do you live near a canyon? Sandbags are very effect for erosion control. You can fill them up and build a safe structure to protect your house and family from the effects of erosion. In addition to these protective uses, some people are using sandbags to build their off-grid shelter. You can find many instructions for doing so by searching from your favorite browser. Bomb shelter? There are instructions for turning sandbags into your protection for these catastrophes as well.

    Get 4 bundles of sandbags and be Well Prepared today!