Boost Your Preparedness Budget With Homemade Soap

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We recognize that most preppers are not the “move to the hills, SHTF” type of people but rather every day folks who are looking for more security and tools right where they live, whether it’s an urban or suburban area. These types of people want to know what they can do to prepare without needing to escape civilization or go all-out with homesteading. One way of the best ways to be prepared is, of course, to stay clean.

It may seem obvious, and you’re right. It goes without saying that bad hygiene can lead to disease and possibly even death, and this is especially true in emergency situations, where you might be experiencing shortage of products, or you might not have a way to restock on soap. This is one reason why homemade soap is such a wonderful thing. Homemade soap is also all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about Big Pharma companies like Johnson & Johnson or Suave adding in their potentially harmful chemicals. Homemade soaps are also cheaper to make than the other soaps are to buy.

Homemade Soap Ingredients

First, you’ll want to get yourself some rubber gloves, face mask to protect you from lye fumes, and safety goggles (preppers are always prepared). Then you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Large container for mixing
  • Electric stick blender
  • Plastic soap mold
  • 24.4 oz Olive oil
  • 6.83 oz Distilled water
  • 3.14 oz Lye
  • Fragrance (your favorite essential oil)

Homemade soap, homemade prepping, DIY preppers

How to Make Homemade Soap

1. While wearing the safety goggles and rubber gloves, add the lye to the distilled water (NEVER the other way around – it could explode!). Then, stir the mixture with a long spoon until it becomes clear (this will take a few minutes). If you get any of the lye on your skin, pour some vinegar on the burn. DO NOT wash it with soap and water.

2. Next, combine the lye and water mixture with the olive oil in the large mixing container, then use the electric mixer on it until it thickens (the liquid mixture should leave an indentation or “trace” when it drips from the mixer back onto the rest of the liquid before sinking back in).

3. Blend the fragrance into the mixture. You can add as much of the fragrance as you like (depending on how strong you like your soaps), just make sure the indentation mentioned above is still present when you’re finished.

4. Pour the mixture into the soap mold and cover with the mold top. It’s also best to cover it with multiple blankets or towels so it’s well insulated. Let sit for 24 hours in a warm and dry place.

5. Finally, remove the bars from the mold and let cure on wax paper for about a month, turning every few days or so.

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