Dandelions: The Ultimate Prepper Food Source?

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Okay, so they may be pesky weeds that deserve a painful death by spraying to most people, but in certain situations, dandelions can literally mean the difference between life and death. If you like to eat any other types of greens (raw or cooked), like spinach, lettuce, collards, kale or arugula, you should try eating dandelion greens.

Why Eat Dandelions?

Dandelions are an easy (and free) resource that can grow in a variety of locations. You can grow them on your own property and they can serve as a valuable addition to wild game and fish as well as other edible plants and mushrooms. You can grow your own garden — in fact, you’ll want to — but it’s always a good idea to have as many food sources as possible available at a moment’s notice. Unlike standard seeds, dandelions simply show up and grow vigorously without any effort or expense at all.

Dandelion food recipes, food source, prepper foods

How You can Prepare Dandelions for Eating

  • Add dandelion greens to salads, soups (flowers here, too) or sandwiches
  • Sauté dandelion greens with meat, fish or shellfish
  • Cook dandelion greens like/with any other greens (spinach, collards, kale, mustard)
  • Cook dandelion roots like carrots
  • Dandelion jelly (using flowers)
  • Fried dandelion flowers
  • Dandelion Pesto
  • Dandelion wine, coffee or tea (from dried roots). Add flavor to tea with dandelion flowers.

There are various recipes floating around the internet for the above preparation options. You can also experiment with your own and let us know your ideas!


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