Eight Benefits of Cooking with a Solar Oven

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If you’re on the fence about getting your own solar oven for outdoor cooking, or you’re new to the process and want to be able to list all of the benefits of utilizing a solar oven instead of a fire, you’ve come to the right place.

Benefits of Solar Ovens

  1. Fuel-free, planet-friendly: The only fuel ever required is sunshine.
  2. Easy: If you can use a crockpot, you can cook with the most solar ovens.  No burning. Food is tasty and they’re generally easy to clean up.
  3. Feed a crowd or be more flexible with food content:  With many solar ovens, such as the Solavore Sport, you can fill multiple pots you can feed 8-10 people or use each pot for a different type of food.
  4. Healthy:  Food cooks slowly, no boiling.  No vitamins leached away.  And you’ll notice the taste difference: moist, tender, and intense flavors.
  5. Safe: No fire or smoke. It won’t tip over or blow over.  Curious little hands won’t get burned.
  6. Portable: At just 9 pounds, take it with you. Dinner’s ready before you get your hiking boots off!
  7. Fun: Nobody is stuck in the kitchen.  The Sport – and the sun – do the work.
  8. Be prepared:  Solar ovens can pasteurize water and cook dinner in the event of a disaster or emergency.

Can you think of any other benefits of solar ovens?

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