Feed Your Family, Feed a Crowd with Bear River Rocket Stoves

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Whether it’s a full-scale disaster, an inconvenient extended power outage, or a campout with family and friends, the ability to provide hot meals is essential. Bear River Rocket Stoves provide you with a way to cook for a group large or small with efficiency and style.

What is a Rocket Stove?

Rocket stoves are wood-burning stoves that are very energy efficient and easy to use in situations where fossil fuel and electricity are not available, making them idea for emergency situations as well as outdoor activities like camping or bugging out. A rocket stove is able to run from small amounts of wood, making it a very resourceful way to cook. Rocket stoves are an ideal survival tool because they run from twigs, leaves, and wood debris — all readily available after severe storms or earthquakes — and can be used to cook almost anything that requires stovetop cooking.

Benefits of Cooking with a Bear River Rocket Stove

  • Uses Renewable Fuels – Most outdoor stoves require propane or other fuels that can quickly run out. Bear River Rocket Stoves run on readily available renewable resources such as dry sticks, sagebrush, or other wood debris.
  • Super Efficient – Bear River Rocket Stoves cook using two or three heating chambers designed to release the maximum heat energy from a minimum amount of fuel.
  • Feed Your Family. Feed a Crowd. – Bear River Rocket Stoves allow you to cook for large groups of people with very minimal fuel.
  • Long Lasting – These stoves are meant to last generations.

The large capacity of the Bear River Rocket Stove and oven allows you to do a week’s worth of baking in one day. They are worthy of a professional kitchen, and while they are definitely not for the backpacking crowd, Bear River Rocket Stoves offer what small rocket stoves can’t: the ability to provide a hot, comforting meal to a group.

How Does a Rocket Stove Work?

Fuel — in this case branches, twigs, or any readily available wood — is burned in rocket stoves by lighting a fire near the bottom of the elbow. An air draft is created from the chimney, causing efficient airflow within the stoves, which can become very hot quickly and make them very convenient to cook with and serve people quickly. ​Rocket stoves propel air through the heating chamber, causing astronomically efficient fuel use.

In order for fires to get very hot, they need plenty of oxygen. Rocket stoves are designed with an insulated J-tube, or elbow where the fire of the rocket stove occurs. Sticks are placed in the end of the tube and air is pulled down into the chamber. When the oxygen-rich air meets the wood fuel and the heat created by the insulated tube, the ideal circumstances for combustion occur.

The chimney, where the “rocket” part of the rocket stove is, ensures proper ventilation to deliver plenty of oxygen to the fire. The ventilation in a rocket stove heats the fuel super-efficiently with only a very small amounts of wood fuel needed. When finished, ashes can easily be cleaned out so you are ready for the next fire; there will be very few ashes.

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